Environmental and Approval Planning

GICON®-Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH coordinates and handles the environmental and permitting issues for projects of all sizes - from the development concept and urban land use planning to the actual project approval.

The experience of more than 500 projects flows into our work. GICON®-Consult provides the client with an interdisciplinary team covering the fields of urban planning, construction and utility connection planning, immission control, ecology, water protection and safety engineering.

We support you in dealing with the increasingly complex legal requirements for improving energy efficiency in companies and in tapping potential for energy savings. We offer client-oriented engineering services ranging from the analysis of the existing situation to the planning of optimized overall energy solutions.

Our experienced geotechnical specialists can advise you on active mining, remediation of mining sites, and post-use and tilted embankment development in post-mining operations.

Oil & Gas Permitting Process

Top References

Energy consulting for small and medium-sized businesses (BAFA) and heating planning with the integration of existing waste heat sources.

Extensive repowering of what was formerly Europe's largest wind farm. In the process, 89.1 MW of new wind power was installed.

Securing tilted slopes against settlement flow and liquefaction hazards.

Special reports and approval procedures from a single source!

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