Environmental and Approval Planning

For projects of all sizes, GICON coordinates and processes the planning and approval-related matters - from the development concept to the land-use planning to the concrete project approval. We advise and support the project executing agency and work closely with the responsible authorities and providers of public affairs.

The experience from more than 500 projects flows into our work. The client has an interdisciplinary team at GICON's disposal, which covers the areas of urban planning, construction and development planning, pollution control, ecology, water protection and security technology.

GICON independently and competently creates forecasts for noise, air pollutants, smells and shadows, expert reports on nature conservation or documents on safety-related matters such as fire protection, explosion protection or for accident management systems. For processing, we can rely on experts from different specialist areas.

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Dipl.-Ing. Falk Rebbe
T: +49 351 47878-24
E: f.rebbe@gicon.de

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