Environmental Management

When preparing new investments, GICON provides targeted advice on concept development and evaluation to meet environmental requirements. GICON supports customers in all planning and project phases as well as in public participation.

The department creates all the necessary environmental documents for the quick and legally compliant approval of industrial, waste treatment and animal husbandry systems, mining projects, water construction measures or traffic facilities.

GICON accompanies and supports before, during and after the introduction of a standardized and efficient environmental management system in the customer's company.

Environmental impact studies / assessments

  • EIA report / screening for BImSchG and plan approval procedures
  • Environmental report / Strategic environmental assessments for spatial planning procedures and land use planning
  • Creation and coordination of expert reports (e.g. immission forecasts, preload measurements, mapping, Natura 2000)
  • Support for citizen and public participation
  • Preparation and implementation of scoping and discussion appointments
  • Software-based objection management

Immission control / air pollution control / noise

  • Emission and immission forecast for air pollutants, sound and odors
  • Chimney height determination
  • Ammonia / nitrogen report
  • Dimensioning and evaluation of emission / immission reduction measures
  • Acoustic optimization of industrial and commercial systems
  • Measurement of emission and immission of noise
  • Noise maps according to § 47c BImSchG and noise action plans according to § 47d BImSchG

Environmental management systems - introduction and support

  • Introduction of standard-compliant management systems (EMAS regulation / DIN EN ISO 14001 / DIN EN ISO 50.001)
  • Introduction of integrated management systems (coupling with QM / EM / security management systems)
  • Coaching management system (internal audits, compliance audit, position of representative)
  • Analytical environmental and energy advice (e.g. ÖKOPROFIT, Saxon trade energy pass, life cycle assessments)
  • Provision of officers in the environmental field (environmental management officers, immission control officers, water protection officers, waste management officers, dangerous goods officers)

Scope of services for building and room acoustics

  • Creation of noise protection certificates according to DIN 4109 and VDI 4100 for interior components (walls, ceilings, doors) and exterior components (windows)
  • Advice and expert opinion on the acoustic design of common rooms (e.g. work, office and classrooms) to improve speech intelligibility and reduce noise levels
  • Room acoustic measurements to determine existing room situations
  • Our competent partner for sound absorbers :
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What is environmental management?

Environmental management is the sub-area of ​​all management that deals with corporate environmental protection. It serves to ensure compliance with legal provisions and to continuously improve negative operational environmental impacts - e.g. resource consumption, pollution of air, water, soil, etc. and health damage - using proven management tools.

What kind of environmental management systems do exist?

The best known environmental management systems are ISO 14001 and the European environmental management regulation EMAS . Both systems are common.

What are the advantages of an environmental management system?

Cost savings, preparing the organization for future markets, improved relationships with authorities, reducing risk in terms of environmental liability, better motivation of employees and better performance in the areas of health and environmental protection..

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