Biogas Technikum

The large-scale technikum in Cottbus is used as a research and development center and serves in particular to further optimize the GICON® Biogas Process. In addition, project-specific, preparatory test series with original materials provide great certainty for the design and engineering of the respective client plant.

The 450 m² technikum offers optimum conditions: state-of-the-art equipment enables both organic raw materials and residues as well as new technological developments to be examined individually and evaluated regarding their suitability for large-scale use.

For investigations on a laboratory scale, two laboratory plants are available in the technikum, each with six, 200-liter reactors. A container plant consisting of four percolation containers of 40 m³ each and two methane reactors of 12 m³ each is used for experiments on an industrial scale.

Within the framework of R&D projects, the focus lies on the topics of efficiency enhancement, biogas upgrading and digestate utilization. Newly-developed technologies and measurement techniques are tested under realistic conditions and evaluated with regard to their suitability for practical use

Laboratory and large-scale trials for the anaerobic treatment of organic raw materials and residuals

  • performance of client trials to determine gas potential
  • execution of client trials to increase the efficiency of anaerobic treatment of organic raw materials and waste
  • carrying out laboratory and large-scale trials as part of R&D projects

Large-scale implementation and investigation of newly developed technologies in the field of bioenergy

  • testing of newly developed measurement and sensor technology under practical conditions (gas flow, gas composition, quantitative and qualitative determination of process liquid)
  • test of processes / plant concepts for gas treatment
  • test and evaluation of auxiliary substances (enzymes, trace substances, etc.) for the biogas process
Partial view of the laboratory hall of the large technical center
What opportunities does the GICON® Technikum offer?

With the GICON® Technikum, we pursue three main goals, which simultaneously reflect the services we can offer our clients:

  1. test new processes and developments under practical conditions and scales
  2. experimentally-supported feasibility studies for clients from the waste and agricultural industries in preparation for commercial projects
  3. support start-ups and use the existing technikum to drive developments from the region

The client provides the input materials to be investigated (e.g. organic waste, sewage sludge) or self-developed products (e.g. sensors, filters), which are subjected to various tests and operating methods under practical conditions. The tests are carried out in accordance with good scientific and engineering practice, with the aim of optimizing the processes and products under investigation and exploiting the potential of the raw materials and residues used.

What technology and equipment does the GICON® Technikum have?
  • laboratory hall with 15 x 35 m area and 4 m construction height
  • thermal heat, three-phase current, process gas with CH4, CO2, H2 and H2S
  • process heat tanks up to 14 m3 net volume, closed or open
  • basic set-up with measuring and laboratory equipment (e.g. temperature, pressure and flow)
  • biogas analysis including COD, FOS/TAC analysis and gas quality
  • flexible measuring systems adapted as required
  • extraction system with biofilter and safety equipment (gas sensors, etc.)
What know-how do our engineers possess?
  • merging of engineering technology and craftsmanship at the Cottbus technikum
  • many years of intensive cooperation with scientific institutions in the region and throughout Germany
  • thanks to our comprehensive portfolio of engineering services, we offer interdisciplinary support from all business areas of the GICON® Group
  • Research and development projects in aerobic and anaerobic technology as well as system integration of renewable energy systems and catalysis technology

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