Technology Development & Application

Innovations have been an integral part of GICON®'s corporate philosophy since its foundation. Our extremely practice-oriented research and development teams see themselves as an "innovation bridge" between university and institutional research on the one hand and large-scale technical practice on the other.

A comprehensive network of cooperative relationships with leading research institutions and future-oriented companies and our own high-quality technical infrastructure for research and development form the basis for our special competence in mastering the path from invention to market-ready technology.

With our own technology developments, we bring innovations for our clients' business areas to market, thus helping to shape these markets. Our focus in technology development is on renewable energies and the sustainable use of resources.


The three most important beacons of the GICON® Group to date are the GICON® Biogas Process, the GICON® SOF (floating offshore substructure) and the GICON® Photobioreactor. Current R&D topics now extend well beyond this, particularly into the area of sector coupling (power-to-gas) and sustainable nutrient cycles through optimal recycling of organic waste.

The GICON® Group has unique laboratory and pilot plant equipment as well as observation and sampling technology at several locations. Our experienced and highly qualified staff provides quality-assured R&D services to transfer ideas from the laboratories of science to the practice of industrial use.

Top References

With the GICON® Photobioreactor, microalgae can be cultivated efficiently and in a compact space with low water consumption. The technology is unique worldwide and is used in Germany and Saudi Arabia, among other countries.

GICON® has developed the SOF, a floating substructure for offshore wind turbines that can be used in water depths of 45 to 350 meters and more, enabling levelized costs of electricity of 5 to 8 cents/kWh.

Our large-scale technical center in Cottbus is used as a research and development center and serves in particular to further optimize the GICON® Biogas Process.

New technologies for complex challenges!

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