The Department of Bioenergy Plant Design combines both scientific and engineering expertise. Innovative technology development as well as the commercial realisation of projects in the field of biogas and biomethane production.

Our experts act as independent engineering service providers and undertake the planning of bioenergy projects such as agricultural and industrial biogas plants for biogenic residues of agricultural origin, food waste, biowaste or organic fraction of residual waste, as well as biogas upgrading plants using the processes of membrane separation, amine scrubbing, physical-chemical scrubbing and pressure swing adsorption. This covers the entire range of the engineering value chain, from the feasibility study and implementation planning to the commissioning of the plant.

Our biogas customers have access to the expertise of employees with a combined professional experience of over 300 years in this field. They are not only engineers, biologists, geo-ecologists and planners, but have also been commissioners and temporary plant operators themselves. As a result, they have extensive experience with all common methods for agricultural and industrial biogas plants and their usually unique problems. Our customer base includes farmers as well as industrial companies (e.g. public utilities provider, waste management companies and energy suppliers) and private customers.

In line with the international orientation of the entire group of companies, our bioenergy specialists are active worldwide.

Special services for plants for biogas production and utilization

  • Project Development
  • Concept development, feasibility studies and technical due diligence
  • Process engineering dimensioning and hydraulic design
  • Identification of specific process engineering problems and development of solutions as well as their implementation in the project
  • Project management, coordination of interfaces
  • Conducting, moderating and recording plant safety meetings, e.g. HAZOP, as well as factory acceptance tests and technical acceptance tests at the construction site
  • Preparation of operating manuals and operator documents
  • Technical inspections of existing plants, preparation of remediation concepts and technical support for their implementation (repowering)
  • Preparation of legally sound expert reports
  • TRAS 120 auditing

Complete planning services for industrial biogas and wastewater plants up to commissioning

  • Design and approval planning for new plants to be built as well as conversion, expansion and flexibilisation
  • Preparation of functional tenders, delivery and service specifications
  • Planning and modelling of the embankment
  • Conducting and accompanying contract award negotiations
  • Construction supervision and commissioning management: regular on-site appointments at the construction sites
  • Participation in planning, construction and commissioning consultations and their moderation
  • Inspection of project progress
  • Documentation and coordination: Preparation of protocols and project documents (e.g. acceptance and defect notifications)
  • Trade-specific planning for process engineering, piping technology, civil and structural engineering, electrical engineering, E/MSR, fire protection
A supplier of inquired plant components asks: How much commission should I price for your contact brokerage?

GICON works independently of buying and commission interests. We are paid by the customer for our work and try to get the best out of it.

When is it economical to process biomethane and feed it into the grid as biomethane?

In Germany, the processing of biomethane and the feed-in of biomethane into high-pressure transport networks can be operated economically with a capacity of 600-700 Nm3/h or more. In most cases, this requires three steps with different plant components, which GICON® can support in terms of planning:

  • Pre-processing of the bioresource gas: Production of a gas mixture CO2-CH4
  • CO2 separation in the biogas to biomethane
  • Feeding into the grid: biomethane is converted into compressed biomethane depending on the gas transport network pressure

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Head of Department
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hiecke
T: +49 351 47878-61


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      (1) Referenz von GICON
(2) Mitarbeiterreferenz