Repowering Klettwitz


The "Klettwitz" wind farm, which was commissioned in 1999 and, with a capacity of over 60 MW, was Europe's largest wind farm at the time, was built within a landscape shaped by open-cast lignite mining, the Lower Lusatia region of Brandenburg.  In 2012, the project for repowering and the first expansion was started. Extensive investigations and preliminary work were required by GICON® in order to create the basis for the planning of new, modern wind turbines of the latest generation. For this purpose, the subsoil was explored, a groundwater concept was developed and the influence of the wind turbines on the tipping soils prevailing at the site was investigated. The findings were used for the development of a foundation type specially developed for the site in connection with the improvement of the subsoil. In parallel, GICON® examined the area for animal and plant species worthy of protection. Especially migratory and resting birds as well as birds of prey were in the focus. But also sand lizards, breeding birds and rare ants were examined on official order and protection concepts were developed.

The entire project required an official permit. GICON® prepared the application for approval and accompanied the approval procedure with the coordination with the authorities. At the same time, the regional and spatial sub-regional plan as well as the development plan for the municipality were prepared and the essential procedural steps, in particular the participation of the public, were carried out on the level of urban land use planning. On the basis of the approval planning, the traffic facilities were planned, the necessary implementation plans were drawn up and the invitations to tender for the construction measures were carried out.

With the granting of the approval, the realization of the demolition of the old facilities including foundations and traffic facilities, construction of the new traffic facilities, subsoil improvement, foundation construction and finally the erection of the wind turbines as well as their connection to the power grid was started. GICON® was responsible for the local construction supervision, the geotechnical site management, the site supervision as well as the Owner's Engineer for the client.

During the entire construction period, the project was accompanied by nature conservation experts to ensure compliance with all nature conservation and species protection requirements. GICON® also led the project management for the coordination and supervision of the individual parties involved in the construction and planning and coordinated the due diligence accompanying the project by external experts.


KGE - Klettwitz Green Energy GmbH & Co. KG


2012 - 2015


General contractor (phase 1-8 HOAI) for the complete handling and construction of the entire plant, consisting of production building, tank farm, administration building as well as laboratory and social buildings and parking garage.

  • Preliminary design
  • basic engineering
  • Approval procedure, including preparation of the building application documents and in connection with the application according to §4 i.V.m. §8 BImSchG
  • Detailed design and engineering
  • Preparation and participation in tendering procedures
  • Site and construction supervision

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