Service Plant Design

Plant design is a complex subject for all projects. We will support your idea and the project. From the first permit to the final commissioning. We base our services on the high level of experience of our engineers as well as expertise in diverse fields from industrial construction to biogas plants. We will support you in the area of fire protection as well as safety and process engineering.

It is important to us that we travel the path together with you from basic engineering to detail engineering as well as all other aspects of engineering in plant construction.

Multi-purpose synthesis plant Schirm GmbH, GICON: general planner

Top References

Conversion of a temporary storage hall into a transshipment hall for non-hazardous waste, Hammerweg 23 in Dresden.

The Pessin biomethane plant was developed, designed and built to produce biogas from biomass, which is upgraded to biomethane by means of gas treatment (based on pressure swing adsorption). A total of 64,000 t/a are processed.

Extensive repowering of what was formerly Europe's largest wind farm. In the process, 89.1 MW of new wind power was installed.

Comprehensive plant design according to the latest state of the art!

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