Vietnam's ambassador shows interest in GICON® technologies

During a VDI workshop the ambassador of Vietnam informed himself about GICON® technologies.

On 12 November, the Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, H.E. Nguyen Minh Vu visited an informational evening of the Dresden Chapter of VDI (German Engineers Association). The theme of the evening was the potential of German-Vietnamese co-operation. The ambassador was accompanied by several attachés and first secretaries of the Vietnamese embassy.

Central topics of the presentations and discussions were current projects of German companies in Vietnam and possible future project areas. To this end, the ambassador and his staff exchanged views with representatives of Saxon companies about their experiences in Vietnam and in particularly interesting fields of business. In this context, he also informed himself about the technology portfolio of the GICON® Group and the potential for cooperation. GICON® Managing Director Dr. Hagen Hilse presented, among other things, the technological innovations of GICON®, which can also provide impulses for the Vietnamese economy: the GICON® photobioreactor for microalgae cultivation, the GICON® biogas technologies for the sustainable utilization of organic waste and the GICON® SOF, Germany's first floating offshore platform for wind turbines.

In his presentation, he also addressed the numerous project impulses and collaboration talks (LINK TO SIGN MOU) that have taken place between GICON® and Vietnam in recent years and referred to the successes that have emerged in the first project phase of CART (LINK TO PROJECT). However, he also pointed out the necessary framework conditions that both countries should create so that both future and specific undertakings can actually emerge from numerous discussions and ideas. "As an engineering service provider, we have been active and successful in the field of technology development for years. We have recognized the enormous potential and interest on the Vietnamese side and have already experienced it on site. It is our interest to make our know-how and services available and to be able to tackle the implementation of new projects with regional partners. I hope that the evening and the discussions with the ambassador will take us to the next level," said Dr. Hilse in his summary of the meeting.

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