Seven years of cooperation - Rector of the University praises research partnership with GICON

At a joint celebration "Seven years of cooperation" in the auditorium of the University of Rostock, the Rector of the university, Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Schareck, praised the joint research cooperation between his university and the GICON Group as "correct and important". In 2012 - seven years ago - the engineering service provider from Dresden and the oldest university in the Baltic Sea region signed a joint research cooperation agreement and have worked together intensively ever since.

The number seven has an important meaning in the history of Rostock. In the poem by the town chronicler Peter Lindenberg from the 16th century - "Rostock - City of the Seven Landmarks" - the number seven is sung about. It was therefore important for the GICON Group and the University of Rostock to consolidate the joint cooperation in exactly the seventh year and to set new impulses for the future, such as the promotion of young academics through a Germany-wide scholarship.

Cooperation agreement is the engine for innovation

"The cooperation has steadily advanced," said the Rector of the University, Prof. Schareck, praising the cooperation partners and referring to the successful joint research work between GICON and the University, for example in the offshore area. Together with the Chair of Wind Energy Technology headed by Prof. Uwe Ritschel, the partners have been developing a floating platform - the GICON® SOF - since 2009. The substructure is to be used for the construction of offshore wind turbines and is on its way to its first pilot plant. “This example shows,” explained the Rector in his speech, “that research results can lead to products of the future and that innovations can open up new markets.” The partnerships in the field of biomass research and waste management of Professor Nelles “and with Professor Petra Wolf on the topic of animal nutrition” are further cornerstones of the intensive cooperation between the University and GICON. He advised the approximately 80 attendees, with a view toward further cooperation: “Do not take your foot off the gas pedal under any circumstances, because in this way you will always stay miles ahead of the others - your competitors - and can set the standards in research and development and assert yourself successfully on the market!”

Seven research projects completed and new ones ready for the future

GICON shareholder Prof. Jochen Grossmann thanked the University of Rostock and the Rector for their many years of support at all levels and was pleased that in the seventh year of cooperation, the seventh project is also being implemented, because “as an economically-oriented company, we cannot exist without innovation. This gives us access to international business, attracts employees and university graduates, and enables us to develop world-class technologies and processes.” Within the framework of the joint event “Seven Years of Cooperation”, the partners also confirmed that the joint cooperation agreement is to be extended and successfully continued this year. As a sign of a good start, it was agreed, for example, to jointly award the Germany Scholarship. GICON thus is continuing its academic commitment. The GICON Group has been supporting young scientists in Germany since 2011.

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