GICON®-Consult new member of the Environmental and Climate Alliance Saxony

Minister of State Wolfram Günther, Marlon Gnauck, Dr Hagen Hilse, Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (© SMEKUL / Photographer Rafael Sampedro)
Minister of State Wolfram Günther, Marlon Gnauck, Dr Hagen Hilse, Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (© SMEKUL / Photographer Rafael Sampedro)

As part of the annual network meeting of the Environmental and Climate Alliance Saxony, eleven new members were admitted on 7 November 2022, including GICON®-Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH. The event was entitled "Sustainability as a success factor in companies" and took place in the presence of Minister President Michael Kretschmer and Environment and Climate Protection Minister Wolfram Günther. Dr Hagen Hilse (Managing Director GICON®-Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH) and Marlon Gnauck (Bäckerei & Konditorei Gnauck UG) were appointed the first ambassadors of the Environmental and Climate Alliance. Dr. Hagen Hilse, also chairman of the board of the Saxon Association for Environmental Management e. V., was honoured: "I am very pleased to accept the appointment and look forward to the associated opportunities to make sustainable corporate commitment even more visible. As a member, we are just as committed as all the other participants to an environmentally friendly and sustainability-oriented way of doing business. In this way, we want to act as a role model, pass on our experience and win new members for the Environmental and Climate Alliance."

Knowledge transfer and exchange of ideas for environmental and sustainability management

The Environmental and Climate Alliance sees itself as a platform for communication and dialogue between the Alliance's partners and politicians. The main objectives are knowledge transfer, networking and exchange of ideas, as well as support and initiation of projects for the step-by-step implementation of environmental and sustainability management in companies. The Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Alliance, Environment and Climate Protection Minister Wolfram Günther, welcomed the voluntary commitment of the companies beyond legal requirements. The Minister of State pointed out that everyone, from craftsmen to large companies, is currently feeling the impact of the energy price crisis. This crisis must be used to make the economy and society more sustainable and to emerge stronger. At the same time, Günther called for an accelerated expansion of renewable energies, the strengthening of regional value creation at all levels and the development of a true circular economy.

Sustainability within the GICON® Group

Membership in the alliance is initially valid for three years. The prerequisite for the application was the provision of a voluntary environmental service. GICON®-Consult fulfilled this requirement with its successful participation in the SaBeNa programme (Saxony's companies become sustainability experts). At the same time, the companies of the GICON® Group have proclaimed 2022 as the year of sustainability. In joint monthly workshops and analyses, the group of companies has been on the offensive since the beginning of the year. The active involvement and lively participation of the employees shows how much importance everyone attaches to the topic.
BGD ECOSAX GmbH, a member of the GICON® Group, has already successfully participated in the SaBeNa project and submitted all the necessary documents for membership in the environmental and climate alliance.


Since its foundation in 1998 (as Umweltallianz), the Saxony Environmental and Climate Alliance has developed into a recognised cooperation between the Free State of Saxony, Saxon industry and Saxon agriculture and forestry.

A new agreement came into force at the beginning of 2022. The goal of achieving fundamental transformations in the areas of agriculture, environmental protection, nature conservation, climate protection and energy was newly anchored there.

A company can apply to participate in the Saxony Environmental and Climate Alliance if it performs one or more voluntary environmental services above and beyond the legally prescribed level. With the participation of many companies, a corporate network of environmentally and climate-conscious companies with exemplary character is created.

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