Contribution to the energy transformation

View of the location of the future natural gas-powered cogeneration plants in Chemnitz | Source: Marcel König (Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH)

In Chemnitz, two new natural gas-powered cogeneration plants will be built by 2022 that will have significantly higher efficiency combined with lower CO2 emissions. One of the power plants will be built directly on the site of an old coal-fired power plant. GICON®-Grossmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH (GICON®-Consult) and BGD ECOSAX GmbH, both companies of the GICON® Group, were commissioned to provide extensive environmental and planning services for the preparation of the construction site during the permitting procedure, which was successfully completed. The client was eins energie in sachsen GmbH & Co. KG, which was also supported by specialist site managers of the GICON® Group for the sub-project of site preparation/ deep underground rubble clearance.

Environmental support, civil engineering measures and water conservation at the highest level

The particular challenge of this project was the safe and low-vibration deep underground rubble clearance of the foundations of the former coal-fired power plant (up to six meters below ground level) in conjunction with groundwater drainage and treatment and the construction of a "mixed in place wall". BGD ECOSAX project manager Dr. Norbert Hüsers explains: "This is a special sealing wall that serves as a barrier against groundwater ingress. Put simply, an absolutely leak-proof, jointless wall is created from the soil material available on site by adding binder and using special soil cultivation methods. Despite the demanding conditions, we were able to complete the dismantling of the foundations in only twelve months. From a constructional point of view, the measure was implemented by the "ARGE Baufeldfreimachung (Const. Site Preparation Consortium)" with the companies Amand, Dotzauer and Bauer. The companies of the GICON® Group were primarily responsible for planning and construction management. During this period, approx. 34,000 m³ of mineral material was disposed of, 29,000 m³ of fill material was applied, and approx. 41,000 m³ of concrete and reinforced concrete was dismantled, processed and reinstalled.

BGD ECOSAX GmbH took over the basic services in accordance with the HOAI phases for the civil engineering/ demolition trades as well as the specialist site management and DGUV coordination. In addition, the authority management and contamination management (including initial status reports, hazard assessments, A+S plan, remediation of contaminated former industrial sites, waste declaration, and disposal) were also provided. On the specialist planning side, geophysical measurements for foundation location, vibration measurements, explosive ordnance investigations and ecological construction supervision were coordinated. Dr. Hüsers: "In this project we were able to make use of the versatility and power of the GICON® Group. Our experts contributed their specialist knowledge in an interdisciplinary manner, so that our client received all services from one source, without delays and loss of information".

Within the scope of the overall project "new power plant construction", GICON®-Consult was responsible for the preparation of the EIA report and comprehensive environmental expert opinions (air pollutants, noise immission control, species protection, FFH preliminary examination, open space planning, and visualization of the new structures). The relocation of an existing photovoltaic system was also part of the work.

GICON® Group helps to shape the energy transformation

The GICON® Group as a whole supports the success of the energy turnaround in various projects. All across Germany, GICON® engineers have planned additional complex modernizations and expansions of combined heat and power plants. GICONcret III/2019)

At the beginning of 2020, three framework agreements were also concluded with the grid operator 50Hertz in order to push ahead with high priority, environmentally-friendly expansion of the grid. The GICON® Group is also well positioned in the field of energy efficiency with its own specialist department. Our colleagues specialize in industrial and commercial clients. In recent months, for example, they have updated the official industry handbook "Natural gas in butcher shops" and implemented energy efficiency measures at several asphalt mixing plants throughout Germany. (GICONcret I/2020)

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