"Construction requires extensive communication"

Construction planning is a new business division at GICON®

The GICON® Group, as a driver of innovation, always strives to offer its customers complete services from a single source. In order to meet the quality requirements and demand of clients in the construction sector, the new business division ‘construction planning’ has now been established within GICON® - Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH, a company of the GICON® Group. Swen Reitzenstein has been in charge of managing the division from December 2019.

Swen Reitzenstein formulates the basic concept of the new construction planning division ‘We implement integrated planning for our customers; that is, the general planning of their construction project.’ GICON® plans and supervises the construction of an entire project from site development to handover of keys - all by a single support provider. The services are bundled in four specialist areas: Project development, civil engineering, structural engineering, technical building equipment.

Interdisciplinary working creates greater opportunities

In addition, the GICON® group is able to perform interdisciplinary tasks with via the expertise of its team of approximately 500 employees who co-operate closely. This enables the division to offer project development services in the fields of structural design and structural fire protection as well as the planning of process engineering plants.

A core element of the division's services is the use of the REVIT planning software. ‘Utilizing our technology resources, we ensure BIM (Building Information Modeling) -compliant planning according to the 5D standard throughout the process’. In the construction sector, 5D planning refers to the project organization of several components. This involves 3D modelling plus the components of time and cost calculation. All of these factors together result in 5D planning. ‘By applying this type of project management, the customer is always in the picture re. how the project is developing - there is budget security in real time,’ says Swen Reitzenstein. ‘The construction process requires more intensive communication as a result, but it helps all parties to make the process comprehensible and to obtain a completely satisfactory product.’

In the coming months, the division will expand. ‘We will expand our special engineering services in order to create a high degree of specialization for new projects and we would also like to engage outside Germany,’ says Swen Reitzenstein.

Overview of construction planning services:

We support and attend to your requirements from the initial project idea all the way to construction. The GICON® Group handles the management of authorities and coordinates the construction permit application process, the tendering process and the entire project management. Our knowledge is deepened by ongoing training. Our specialist engineers are familiar with the legal and normative regulations and, among other things, are authorized to submit construction and building plans in Germany. The individual departments offer the following detailed services:

Project Development

  • Project concepts and feasibility studies as a basis for investment decisions
  • Urban development and urban planning
  • Concepts for conversion and remediation of industrial areas and inner-city areas
  • Site investigations
  • Development for the Areas
  • Subsidized residential construction / residential construction
  • School Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Crematoriums (extensions, new construction)
  • Historical Buildings
  • Targeted cost analysis (income, rent, sale)

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the branch of engineering handling the design and construction of structures below ground.

  • Water / waste water Routing
  • Pipe laying
  • Media planning
  • Traffic area planning
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Concept studies for recycling centers & waste disposal facilities

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is the branch of civil engineering handling the planning and erection of structures, the majority of which lie above ground level.

  • Steel/stage construction
  • Supporting structures (columns, roof trusses, etc.)
  • Service structures (including platform structures for installations)
  • Building envelope
  • Installations for handling substances hazardous to water and Water Resources Act - safety surfaces/sealing surfaces
  • Building physics considerations in cooperation with other departments within the GICON group

Technical building equipment

Engineers handling technical building equipment are primarily concerned with the design, planning, construction and operation of heating, air conditioning and sanitary installations, from single-family homes to commercial manufacturing buildings.

  • Compressed air
  • Electrical planning
  • Determination of heating/cooling requirements
  • Building Ventilation
  • Sanitation planning
  • Noise analyses
  • Structural fire protection

About Swen Reitzenstein

Swen Reitzenstein has been the business division manager of the new Construction Planning Division, a division of GICON®-Consult, since December 2019. He holds a degree in mechanical and metal construction and has over a decade of experience acquired when holding various positions in the metal and steel construction industry. He has also worked as independent planner with focus on lightweight metal construction and facade technology.

Contact Swen Reitzenstein:
T: +49 351 47878 7778
E: s.reitzenstein[at]gicon[dot]de


GICON®-Consult is part of the GICON® Group, a group of companies of independently operating engineering service providers. The Group employs about 500 associates and draws on the expertise of several thousand projects in Germany and abroad.

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