Offshore Wind Energy

The department creates planning services for foundation structures in the field of offshore wind energy. The focus is on the GICON®-SOF research project funded by the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the aim of which is to build the first floating foundation in Germany with an offshore wind turbine of the 2 MW class.

With the help of professional software support, the offshore wind energy department carries out all planning services from basic design to design basis and thus creates the basis for further planning of the detailed design in ESG Edelstahl and Umwelttechnik Stralsund GmbH, which has been a member of the GICON group of companies since 2012 .
The department coordinates other required services that other departments provide for the project, for example planning services for the building site, concrete construction, approval procedures or ecological issues.

Planning services for offshore structures

  • Project management research projects
  • Planning services for the design basis
  • Planning services for basic design

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