Biogas Center

The large technical center in Cottbus is used as a research and development center and is used in particular to further optimize the GICON biogas process. In addition, project-specific, preparatory test series with original materials provide great security for the design and planning of the respective customer system.

For tests on a laboratory scale, the laboratory has two laboratory facilities, each with six reactors, each with a volume of 200 liters. For large-scale experiments, a container system consisting of four percolation containers of 40 m³ and two methane reactors of 12 m³ is used.

As part of R&D projects, the focus is on the areas of efficiency increase, biogas processing and fermentation residue utilization. Newly developed technologies and measurement technology are tested under practical conditions and evaluated for their suitability for practical use.

Laboratory and large-scale experiments for the anaerobic treatment of organic raw and residual materials

  • Carrying out customer trials to determine the gas potential
  • Carrying out customer trials to increase efficiency in the anaerobic treatment of organic raw and waste materials
  • Conducting laboratory and large-scale tests in the context of R&D projects

Large-scale implementation and investigation of newly developed technologies in the field of bioenergy

  • Test of newly developed measurement and sensor technology under practical conditions (gas flow, gas composition, quantitative and qualitative determination of process liquid)
  • Testing of processes / plant concepts for gas processing
  • Test and evaluation of auxiliary substances (enzymes, trace substances, ...) for the biogas process



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