Plant design process industry

Our core business

  • Owner's engineering for the process industry
  • Planning of process plants, in particular multi-component plants and hazardous material tank farms
  • Interdisciplinary projects from the initial process engineering concept to support during commissioning
  • Project implementation from a single source

Our self-image

The Process Industry Plant Design Department handles all phases of project implementation, from the basic determination to the realisation of an industrial plant. This involves process engineering plants that convert substances in chemical, physical and biological processes and procedures. Typical examples for us are plants in the chemical industry and innovative biotechnological plants, from simple mixing to reactive process stages. As an independent service provider, our engineers also plan processes and plants in thermal and mechanical process engineering.

Our planning and implementation processes are strongly characterised by interdisciplinary work and interfaces, and require a high degree of understanding and experience on the part of our engineers. With every new plant, every new revamp, every annual revision, every plant modification, this complex working environment places high demands on the team to implement these tasks professionally. Our plant planning team sees its strengths in the complex planning and execution, knows the internal processes with regard to smooth realisation and always includes the customer in the respective safety, quality, deadline and cost-relevant decisions. The GICON® team comprehensively coordinates services and deliveries of third parties, organises planning and safety discussions on the dates provided for in the processes. Furthermore, the GICON® team maintains contact with the approval and acceptance organisation with regard to the necessary entries, certificates, releases and acceptances.

Our engineers are experienced in both new construction of process plants and in working in existing plants - usually known as greenfield or brownfield projects.

Targeted work in existing plants is supported by the use of laser scans and the transfer of this information into existing and new plant models. Here, our engineers can draw on experience from previous revamps, have created tie-in documentation as numerous as the interface definition at construction field boundaries. In addition, our engineers are also familiar with the more classic methods of on-site surveys. Here, the team also uses the coordination with our safety experts to ensure safe working and determination of all necessary parameters in the plant during operation.

The qualified staff of the department work on the projects with modern, database-supported CAD planning software as well as department-specific, proprietary software. Interfaces to adjacent planning trades, such as structural engineering, civil engineering, technical building services and technological steel construction, but also (E)MSR, are regularly compared by means of coordination models, checked for collisions and coordinated with our customers within the scope of design reviews.

As the owner's engineer, we coordinate the development of all necessary documents and models in an interdisciplinary manner with the GICON® specialist departments of construction planning, safety engineering, fire protection, approval planning as well as the research departments, depending on need and requirement. In this way, the department is able to use the knowledge and experience of the employees working in the GICON® network in a targeted manner and thus meet the requirements and expectations of the customers at all times.

With the help of this process concept, several large plant construction projects in the chemical and biotechnology industries have already been successfully implemented.

Our tailor-made engineering

We take care of the customer-specific implementation of projects as owner's engineer from conception to commissioning support based on EPsCm.

Basic Engineering
  • Process engineering design from A to Z, supported by AutoCAD Plant3D, CONVAL and others
  • Process flow diagrams, piping and instrument flow diagrams (PID), process engineering design, process description, safety considerations
  • Preparation of specifications for main equipment incl. indicative price requests
  • Complex layout planning for main equipment, machinery, tanks and route planning for piping, cables, TGA
  • Electrical installations up to medium-voltage level, cabling
  • Measuring and control technology, instrumentation and control, automation
  • Concepts for CSA planning and technological steel construction
  • Support and coordination for environmental protection, safety engineering, fire protection
  • Development of quantity structures for budget, schedule and realisation planning
Detail Engineering & Construction Supervision
  • Development of detail engineering for plant and machine technology, technological steel construction
  • Coordination of civil and structural engineering, technical building services, fire protection
  • Integrated 3D planning for plant and structural engineering with 60% and 90% design review
  • Project planning of pipelines, fittings, special support including static analysis of critical pipelines using Rohr II and provision of pipe classes
  • Isometry creation incl. parts lists with AutoCAD Plant3D
  • Detailed specification and enquiries for equipment and supplies of all kinds, tendering of trades for installation work
  • Bid evaluation, participation in technical awarding of contracts
  • Project management, coordination of all contracts for delivery and installation, supervision of construction and installation work, scheduling, invoice checking, acceptance
  • Site management

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