Fire Protection

We have been a recognized expert in the creation of fire protection concepts for more than 20 years. You can rely on our publicly appointed experts and experts for your project. It is our concern to work with you to develop a coherent concept that is sustainable and economically sensible.

We create individual fire protection concepts and tape protection certificates for you.
We are not afraid of any difficulty. Our fire protection experts have specialist knowledge of new and existing buildings, as well as extensive specialist knowledge of a wide range of usage models, such as the creation of fire protection concepts for refineries, industrial buildings or assembly locations. It does not matter to GICON where you want to submit your building application in Germany. We create your fire protection concept according to the country-specific requirements.

You can rely on:

  • Coherent and economically justifiable concepts
  • Local presence and experience of our fire protection concept creators
  • Independent and neutral assessment of costs and quality
  • Creation, planning from a single source

We can offer you the following services for fire protection concepts:

  • Fire protection concepts and fire protection certificates according to country-specific requirements
  • Comments on fire protection
  • Creation of fire protection plans
  • Evacuation calculation
  • Creation of firefighting plan
  • Creation of fire protection regulations

Other fire protection services:

  • Fire brigade plan
  • Escape and rescue plans
    • Preparation of escape and rescue route plans according to DIN 4844-3
    • according to occupational safety guidelines
  • Consulting services
    • Planning fire protection measures
    • Assessment of structural defects
    • Advice from an interdisciplinary team of engineers (architecture, environmental protection)
    • Explosion protection
    • Cost optimization
What is fire protection?

Fire protection are all measures which prevent the occurrence of fire and the spread of fire and smoke ( fire prevention or fire prevention ). Rescue of people and animals as well as effective extinguishing work in the event of a fire are also part of fire protection ( protective fire protection ).


What is a fire protection concept?

The fire protection concept represents the preliminary stage to the fire protection regulations and describes the structural and legal situation of a building or structure. It develops specifications for the fire protection infrastructure and equipment and all necessary individual measures to control the existing risks and to achieve the relevant or defined protection goals. It also evaluates the degree of achievement of the defined protection goals. A fire protection concept is necessary if it is necessary to deviate from the building regulations or if it is a special construction (e.g. hospitals, sports facilities, industrial plants, etc.).

What are the pillars of a fire protection concept?

When creating a fire protection plan two important pillars must be considered: preventive and defensive forming fire protection .

Preventive fire protection is the term for all preventive measures that counteract the occurrence and spread of fires in advance and limit the effects of fires as far as possible. This also includes containment in the event of a fire and the creation of conditions for protective fire protection, for example in the form of escape and rescue routes.

The preventive fire protection is divided in:

  • Constructional fire protection: z. B. by selection of building materials, subdivision of larger structures into fire sections (fire-resistant walls, fire walls, ...)
  • Technical fire protection: z. B. fire alarm systems, smoke and heat exhaust systems
  • Organizational fire protection: e.g. B. Marking and keeping escape and rescue routes free

As fire defense are active and passive measures that payable by firefighters and other help points are taken before and during a fire, respectively. The protective fire protection starts when the preventive measures could not take effect and a fire has broken out.

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