As a science of sound and its propagation, acoustics can be found in a multitude of fields. Due to our wide range of experience, we offer creative solutions and innovative improvement concepts for acoustic problems in the fields of sound immission control, room and building acoustics as well as wind energy.

Our main services
Noise immission control
  • Noise immission forecasts for industrial and commercial facilities, open-cast mines, sports facilities, leisure facilities, traffic facilities (road and rail) and technical facilities
  • Measurements to determine the emission of noise, e.g. from sound sources of existing plants or as acceptance measurements for new plants
  • Measurements to determine the immission of noises
  • Measurements for the calibration of sound reinforcement systems
  • Determination and dimensioning of noise protection and noise reduction measures
Noise protection in urban planning
  • Noise immission prognoses for urban planning (zoning plans
  • Determination and dimensioning of noise protection and noise reduction measures to ensure healthy living and working conditions
  • Execution of noise contingent calculations for industrial and commercial areas according to DIN 45691
  • Determination of noise level ranges according to DIN 4109
Building acoustics
  • Preparation of sound insulation certificates for interior and exterior building components according to DIN 4109 and VDI 4100 for residential and non-residential buildings
  • Advice on improving airborne and impact sound insulation as well as protection against external noise

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Room acoustics
  • Development of room acoustics concepts according to DIN 18041 for small, medium and large rooms as well as according to DIN 3382-3 and VDI 2569 for offices
  • Calculations of room acoustic parameters by numerical simulations (3D models) for complex rooms
  • Consultation on the acoustic design of recreation rooms to improve speech intelligibility and reduce reverberation time
  • Measurements to determine room acoustic parameters, e.g. reverberation time, to determine existing room situations

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Workplace noise
  • Measurements of noise exposure at workplaces according to DIN EN ISO 9612 and DIN 45645-2
  • Assessment of noise exposure according to the Noise and Vibration Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance (LärmVibrationsArbSchV) and VDI 2058 Sheet 3
  • Measurement of sound emission of industrial plants and calculation of emitted sound power according to DIN 45635 and other standards
  • Numerical simulation and evaluation of various noise-reducing measures for compliance with noise protection requirements.
  • Our clients receive: an actual status survey of noise exposure, an assessment of the necessary noise reduction of individual plants and the effect on noise exposure, as well as proposed solutions for noise-reducing measures
Wind energy
  • Preliminary acoustic calculations for the optimization of wind turbine operating modes
  • Noise immission forecasts for wind energy projects (new construction and repowering)
  • Shadow flicker forecasts for wind energy projects with preparation of shutdown concepts for compliance with guideline values
  • Development of approvable model procedures in cooperation with authorities

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