Technical Equipment

Engineers in technical building equipment deal primarily with the conception, planning, construction and operation of heating, air conditioning and sanitary systems, from single-family homes to factory buildings.

  • Compressed air
  • Electrical planning
  • Heat / cooling quantity requirement determination
  • Building ventilation
  • Sanitary planning
  • Noise analysis
  • Structural fire protection
Which trades and experts work together in the field of technical building services (TBS)?

In our planning, we combine the TBS trades of sanitary, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology to find the best possible solution for our clients. We work on service phases 1-8 HOAI, prepare cost/benefit analyses and profitability calculations and take care of project coordination, scheduling, cost control and construction supervision with our own interdisciplinary experts.

Why are technical building services so important in construction planning?

Technical building services provide all the technology needed to make a building habitable, safe and energy efficient. If all trades are optimally coordinated, costs can also be saved, and energy efficiency increased. GICON® has its own energy efficiency consultants who specialize in non-residential buildings.

What interdisciplinary services do we offer in the field of construction planning?

We traditionally bundle our services into four specialist areas:

  • civil engineering
  • structural engineering
  • technical building services
  • project development

In addition, the GICON® Group can realize interdisciplinary tasks with the help of its approximately 600 employees. As a result, the department can also offer structural design and structural fire protection services during project development. The GICON® Group can draw on more than 25 years of experience in working on contaminated sites.

Our service aspiration - A good solution for you!

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